What is included if I decide to incorporate with one of your business lawyers? Incorporate BC

What is included if I decide to incorporate with one of your business lawyers?

If you decide to incorporate with one of our Business Lawyers with Incorporate BC, you will be provided with all of the following:

Legal Advice

  • how to structure the corporation
  • conduct as an incorporated company
  • planning for the future as a corporation
  • avoiding pitfalls
  • legal compliance
  • director liability
  • best practices


  • incorporation agreement
  • incorporation resolutions
  • articles of incorporation
  • central securities registrars
  • consents to act as officers and directors
  • director and shareholder resolutions
  • registrar of directors
  • share certificates
  • minute book of corporation


  • enclosure package of documents to enable you to open a bank account
  • reporting letter to you enclosing all of your corporate documents
  • should you decide to keep your minute book (rather than use one of our Business Lawyers as your agent), the original minute book

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