What questions should I ask myself when structuring my incorporated company? Incorporate BC

What questions should I ask myself when structuring my incorporated company?

We’ve created a list of questions that you should consider when you are structuring your incorporated company. Here it is:

  1. Who are your business partners?
  2. What are everyone’s rights and restrictions?
  3. What kind of decisions can be made by one of the principals of the company / a majority / unanimity?
  4. How much money is everyone putting in?
  5. How do the principals of the company reach agreement on expenses that will be borne by the company?
  6. Who has rights to the profits of the company?
  7. Does any one or more of the principals have a first right to profits?
  8. Is the Company obtaining financing, and if so, what kind of security will be pledged?
  9. What happens to the shares if someone dies or becomes permanently incapacitated?
  10. What happens if someone wants to get out (exit strategies)?

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